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What are the types of decorative panels?

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Decorative panel type
The veneer is made of ordinary plywood covered with a layer of valuable tree veneer. Widely used in the decoration of the surface decoration and furniture. Specifically, the logs are shaved into a certain size of each layer of lmm thick slices, fully air dried, add glue, through special machinery and equipment compaction. Double-sided decoration and decorative texture and good surface layer. And cut into the decorative plate of the splint specifications is 1200 mm × 2400 mm. The commonly used decorative panels and features are as follows:
1, teak
Highly imported timber, oil rich, clear lines, color and stability, decorative style stable. Is a royal designated materials, decorative furniture indispensable high-level materials. Texture has a ruled and mountain of the points, ruled to show extraordinary style, mountains show calm style.
2, ebony
Color oil black shiny, woody and delicate, as valuable wood, mountain like a valley, straight lines suspected forest. Decorative effect mixed thick generous. For the best of decorative materials.
3, walnut
Produced in the United States, Canada, high-grade timber. Color deep, decorative effect is stable. Belong to the senior furniture selection materials.
4, white oak
Slightly lighter color, elegant texture. There is no sharp contrast to the ruler, but there is the feeling of returning to basing. The mountain is hidden. Decorative effect is natural.
5, red oak
Mainly produced in the United States. Texture rugged, clear pattern, loved by Europe and the United States.
6, bird eye tree tumor
Looks like bird eyes. And other plywood with, the effect of the finishing touch.
7, rose tree tumor
Delicate texture, bright color, unique patterns, suitable for embellishment color.
8, American Cherry
Natural soft, color powder with green, noble and elegant, decorative effect of high sensitivity visual effects.
9, sand than the column
Rugged lines, color contrast, decorative effect of deep and generous, for the furniture indispensable high-grade wood.
10, Anlige
Color slightly light yellow, elegant lines charming, fresh and elegant there is another situation.
11, red shadow
That is, Ange water waves. Like a dynamic water shadow, showing a lively and natural effect.
12, zebra wood
Color fresh, clear lines, showing a unique decorative effect.
13, Macquarie
Fine material. Color contrast, showing a deep shadow wave and three-dimensional effect.
14, red cherry
Bright color, is a warm tone. Decorative effect warm and romantic, for the hotel, restaurant preferred decorative materials. Straight lines like
Spring River plumbing, mountain like a wind and smooth.
15, Pakistan flowers and trees
Graphic colorful, beautiful color, beautiful pattern. Decorated in the door, zenith, unique wonders.
16, rose wood
Line texture clear, uniform color. The decorative effect is clear and modern.
17, pear wood
Fine material. Delicate lines, bright color, showing eye-catching bright effect. For the decoration of the rare material
18, white shadow
That is, Sika Meng water waves. Produced in Europe. Color white and smooth, showing the effect of light and water.
19, white beech
Material scouring, light color, clear texture, decorative effect fresh and elegant.
20, red beech
Belong to the European fine wood. Bright colors, fine texture, decorative effect of bright warm and soft.
21, white walnut
Slightly lighter color, texture and thick real sense. Home decoration showing a strong sense of belonging.
22, the wind
Bright white color, graphics, thousands of changes, fine texture, like peacock open screen
23, Ash
Produced in the Americas and the mainland of Northeast Changbai Mountain high-grade timber. Beautiful pattern, straight lines straight lines, mountain color fresh, decorative effect of nature. Commonly used in mixed water process.
 Common natural veneer
White beech wood veneer
Thai teak wood veneer
Shabelle veneer
Cherry wood veneer
White oak veneer

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