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What are the precautions for wall decoration?

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1, brush latex paint: This is the easiest and most extensive decoration of the wall decoration, the general process is to fill the wall to fill, with putty leveling, polished smooth, and then brush latex paint, latex paint is the current Wall to solve the tributaries. Step on the top with the top of the delivery with plaster line to do the corners, the lower part of the junction with the skull with the skirt line mouth. This solution is relatively simple and obscure, but can look more open room. At the same time through the hanging wooden frame, photos, tapestries, etc., and then with the spotlights to add aesthetics of the wall.
2, stickers wallpaper: wall layer to be resolved after the completion of the wallpaper can be paved. Wallpaper variety, color, style and materials will have a different choice, and the wallpaper after the dirty want to become clean and relatively easy, the new wallpaper can be gently wipe with a damp cloth. And the replacement of the wallpaper is also easier, if the old wallpaper is not satisfied, you can always change the style of the wallpaper, to the room fresh at the same time the price of wallpaper is not too high, it will not waste too much money. But the wallpaper is afraid of the moldy and tightening, so in the Hadron clip before the need to first solve the base surface in order to avoid the wallpaper moldy.
3, paving slabs: all the walls covered with grass-roots sheet, which is decorated with decorative panels, the whole effect of comfort, fresh, but will make the room look crowded, and then have a density board and other panels with the whole wall, but then Brush on the red latex paint, from the surface will not have the effect of sheet, due to the characteristics of the plate, you can go through the plate with the curve, pits and other shapes, as the solution is flat, delicate shape, but also to prevent the A small amount of use of the plate and bring a sense of congestion.
4, paste tiles: tiles, is the decoration of a scientific name, the majority of tiles used in the room in the ground or wall. As the biggest advantage of the tile is dirt, in addition to the advantages of ceramic tile is better. As the amount of water in the kitchen and bathroom is relatively large, so the wall of the water should be more attention. As the tiles of the more style, more suitable for those who want to clean, clean the wall of the needs of the owners, but need to pay attention to the transformation of the wall at the grassroots level, need to do a new waterproof layer.
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