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What is the construction of the wood template?

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We know that the wood template manufacturers in the production process, the manufacturing process is a lot of requirements, so as to ensure the quality of our products.
After we have finished the installation, we need to be verified if its quality is fully compliant with our standards. For the building template bracket structure of the facade or plane, should be installed firmly, so that can resist vibration or impact. The support part of the bracket should be installed on a reliable foundation and foundation. When the bracket is installed directly on the foundation, it is necessary to have anti-drainage measures. The bracket is preferably a jack, a wooden wedge, a sandtake or other loosening support Of the pillars.
In the construction template bracket to retain the construction of the arch, it should also take full account of various factors caused by elastic deformation and inelastic deformation, and in the template and its use in the stent should also be regularly checked.

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