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Decoration is most afraid to buy hollow sheet, MDF, particle

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With the growing demand for decorative plate market, the market will inevitably exist in some fish products, the quality of plate products, but off the product quality is poor, such as formaldehyde content exceeded, poor stability of the plate, hollow sheet and other phenomena become a plate consumer concerns The The reason behind the phenomenon, Kyoho that the following points:
1, the rapid increase in demand caused by speculative traders operating, reduce the cost of manufacturing products, resulting in the standard of raw materials, raw materials, mining standards, such as some rotting wood, bark, wood chips and other low-quality materials used again, a direct result of hollow sheet, turn off;
       2, illegal operators through a variety of ways to improve profits, the production process to increase the use of glue, putty powder, in order to reduce production costs, resulting in low environmental protection board, product hollow, poor quality and poor quality;
3, the increase in sheet market demand for some plate operators hungry food, OEM production everywhere, due to selection, technology, quality and other standards are not uniform, the quality of the product into the market uneven, poor product stability The
       4, in the entire plate market, the comparison of similar products, solid wood panels are often more than the density board and particleboard favored by consumers. Solid wood sheet material more environmentally friendly, more stable quality, made after a variety of furniture to adapt to the external environment is more stable, removable secondary assembly use, longer life.
Plate is the industry's high-quality products manufacturers and suppliers. Kyoho's Mianqi board, Blockboard, Multilayer PCB, high environmental protection products, is widely used in cabinet furniture, ceiling, backdrop and other decorative decoration of the main basic decoration materials. In particular, the ecological paint-free board, with supporting decorative lines, you can customize a variety of beautiful and stylish Mianqi board furniture.
As a result of the use of fine texture of wood substrate to do core, giant peak sheet of environmental protection grade can reach E1 level or more, and even some of the large amount of glue with a large number of solid wood sheet environmental protection level has reached the E0 level or more. Compared with the density board board core and particle board plate core, giant peak sheet material abandoned wood chips, plant stalks, mixed wood bark and other materials as the core of the substrate substrate, but selected adult high-quality logs, the whole board mechanized intelligent splicing, Greatly improved the solidarity of the plate, environmental protection level, to the consumer to create a comfortable and comfortable home living space.
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