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Teach you how to buy wood line

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Wood line that is wood decorative lines, is a mechanical analysis of various wood, processed, slender lines, wood requires a higher, need "no knitting" tree. The processing quality of the wood line is the key to the decorative effect. Identification of high-quality wood lines are mainly the following criteria:
(1) no natural bending. Wood lines should be straight, if the natural bending has been deformed.
(2) wood line thickness uniform and uniform. Buy wood line to see whether the surface of the knife marks or rough surface, whether there is burr, polishing to high, these are the factors that affect the visual effects.
(3) whether the color is consistent, texture is uniform.
(4) whether there is a scar, but also pay attention to the existence of cracking, decay, insects and other phenomena.
(5) whether the water content compliance. This requires scientific testing, consumers can require businesses to produce product inspection certificate.


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