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Decorative lines are good, must see the characteristics

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Many of my friends say that decoration is very laborious, but when you see the space after the completion of the show in front of your eyes, is not let you feel a full sense of accomplishment, happiness it Decoration are now in the pursuit of more simple, fast, environmentally friendly, quality, high-end, affordable features. In addition to the ecological board, in the current decoration in the possession of a large position, the new decorative lines are also played a very important role in the decoration.
Decorative lines widely used, almost every corner, he did not want to ecological plate as a wardrobe, cabinets and other large image display in front of us, but such as: mirror line, all kinds of edge, pressure, curtain box, door decoration, TV background Wall, sofa background wall, bedside background wall, staircase, ceiling, angle, etc., the appearance of flat line, semi-circular line, carved angle plate, plain angle plate, line corner and so on are it The
Most of every line of home improvement has its own name, declared irreplaceable role, such as waist, corners and so on.
The so-called "waist line" refers to the ground about 1 meter, used to distinguish between the wall and the wall of the line, which in addition to a few lines outside the package side of the beautiful effect, the structure is not easy to loose together into one. But also in the design and construction of our most used decorative lines. To be well used, we have to have a full understanding of it, in order to complex lines through a variety of artistic combinations applied to our decorative objects.
The so-called "corners" refers to the ceiling and the wall intersects the line, and the angle is a decoration in the process means, is at the corners of the two lines processed into a 45-degree angle, 45 degrees angle refers to In the two into a 90-degree line of the seam processing, each side grinding into 45 degrees, together is relatively nice.
Home decoration, the line is to enhance the quality of home improvement one of the important results, the decoration should be good at the choice of various models of lines, creative lines, saving good lines, you will decorate the space and space in the furnishings Become simpler, because the success of the decoration from the details of the fine craft to the user to bring a pleasing feeling.
Decorative lines in the selection, should be a good waterproof, pest control, corrosion, easy installation and other advantages as a reference standard, the line selected good, will save the decoration process and decoration after a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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