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The future of the furniture industry will focus on the devel

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With the country's emphasis on the rural market, as well as rural consumer demand for home products increased year by year, many businesses began to realize that the rural market has become a contest, the rural areas is bound to become the focus of the future development of the furniture industry. 400 billion, this figure is enough to stink, and it is the wardrobe industry annual market profits. Wardrobe this piece of "custom furniture, the last piece of cake" is gradually becoming a building materials, electrical appliances and many other giants diversified development of a powerful driving force. Not only do hardware and cabinets of enterprises rush, home appliances, flooring, furniture companies are also eyeing. Customized wardrobe competition is increasingly fierce, who can become the biggest beneficiaries of this piece of cake? Outbound giants into the overall wardrobe industry, what impact? Big home era The current overall wardrobe industry is in rapid development, home appliance giant cross-border into the wardrobe Industry, in addition to fancy wardrobe industry huge development prospects, the objective of household electrical appliance enterprises also need to integrate home appliances and wardrobe to achieve the "overall home" concept, which is the wardrobe to attract these enterprises an important reason. Appliance industry competition is fierce, thin profit, fine operation, after several rounds of shuffle has been highly mature. The domestic urbanization rate of 1% per year rate of growth, as the overall wardrobe market, the main source of rapid expansion, "big industry, small business" wardrobe market pattern, it is home appliances predators in the wardrobe industry power. The future of the furniture industry will focus on the future development of the rural market Xie Dengfeng that a wide range of market background, a single product for home appliance business is not much attractive, and in order to better development, home appliance giants have entered the wardrobe industry, To better highlight their own advantages, to expand the influence and market share. Opportunities and challenges Coexistence of home appliance giants have three or four channels of channel advantages, advanced management experience, brand operation and rich capital, which gave the wardrobe industry has brought no small impact. As we all know, by the constraints of custom product characteristics, huge production pressure to wardrobe enterprises struggling to cope with, but also limits the growth rate of enterprises. How to customize the production of large-scale products, not only business problems, it is the industry's problems. Now, cabinets have made significant progress in large-scale production, and floor, bathroom, home appliances and other industries is a large-scale sample, their entry will be to solve the overall size of the wardrobe to bring more ideas. From the product point of view, the new entrants to the understanding of the wardrobe products and traditional wardrobe enterprises are different. To Kelani home, for example, Kolani in the product pricing method is different from the traditional wardrobe enterprises commonly used projection area or area of ​​the way to start the design, and to take the cabinet, drawers, hardware and other modules were pricing, and then Aggregated into the total price of the product. In the industry is not yet mature period, the new entrants are likely to change the original wardrobe industry outlook and development direction.


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