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Teach you the right green paint to judge skills

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In our invisible place, hiding in the corner of the home of various pollutants are quietly invaded our lives, unknowingly on the home environment pollution, affecting the physical health of the occupants. What is the source of indoor pollution in our home?
Paint paint is the use of the largest area at home, covering the widest range of building materials, once the use of substandard paint, the pollution is the largest, people most difficult to prevent.
Harmful substances in the paint
1, VOC (volatile organic compounds)
VOC is the abbreviation of volatile organic compounds, volatile organic compounds refers to the paint does not form a film and eventually volatile into the atmosphere of organic matter. Volatile organic compounds evaporate into the air and react with oxygen in the air to produce ozone. Low-level ozone is harmful to the atmospheric environment and human health.
2, TDI (toluene diisocyanate)
TDI in the decoration mainly in the paint, from the PU paint curing agent synthesis. Beyond the standard free TDI will cause harm to the human body, mainly sensitization and irritation, there are eye pain, tears, conjunctival hyperemia, cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath, asthma, red pimples, rash, contact allergies and other symptoms.
3, formaldehyde
Formaldehyde is a colorless, strong irritant odor of the gas. With the characteristics of volatile, high toxicity, 35% to 40% formaldehyde aqueous solution called formalin. Formaldehyde toxicity is high.
4, benzene, toluene and xylene
Benzene is a highly toxic substance, toluene, xylene is a low toxicity substances, inhalation of a certain amount of benzene, toluene, xylene can cause poisoning, and even damage the hematopoietic system, nervous system.
5, soluble heavy metals
Heavy metals refer to metals with densities greater than 4.5 g / cm3, such as lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury and so on. Paint in a part of the resin, paint or driers will be the presence of soluble heavy metals, if long-term exposure to heavy metals such as lead, can cause mild neurasthenia syndrome and indigestion symptoms, severe cases of anemia and lead paralysis.
How to avoid indoor paint pollution
The choice of paint is very important, before the purchase of paint market to understand the better reputation, quality assurance of the big brand, to determine their own needs. It is best to use water-based paints that can be diluted with water, using environmentally friendly coatings without added technology.
Consumers in the purchase to understand the basic properties of the main raw materials, and require businesses to produce national authority of the test report, through the objective of the written materials to understand the environmental performance of the product.
Construction to monitor the construction staff to ensure that it is strictly in accordance with the construction specifications for wall paint painting, wall paint is a strict requirement, the wall treatment, dilution solvent, brushing the number of dry time if there are errors, The same will cause paint pollution.
Environmental protection paint to determine the skills
Note whether it contains toxic solvents. Benzene, methanol, ethylene glycol ethers are all toxic solvents, toxic solvents on the production and construction personnel will cause direct harm, contact with the human body or inhalation can lead to disease, serious will lead to death, so be sure to pay attention Whether the paint composition table contains these solvents.
Note the use of solvents. Paint paint used in the dilution of solvents such as gasoline, turpentine, xylene, water-based acrylic, water, etc., now the basic use of environmentally friendly water as a solvent. Generally speaking, after drying the paint, the solvent can be completely volatile, but some solvents volatile very slow, long exposure to toxic solvents, will cause harm to human health. So the purchase must be to see if there are strict restrictions on the use of solvents.
See VOC content, the lower the content that the more environmentally friendly. VOC is a volatile organic compound, is the English Volatile Or-ganic Compound acronym, refers to the normal temperature and pressure, the paint products can be volatile organic compounds. Foreign restrictions on the amount of solvent in the paint more and more stringent. Some commonly used solvents such as toluene, xylene, butanone, acetate and so on are in the limit, ethanol is no exception.
At present, some paint manufacturers use no added technology, zero VOC technology, paint production in the basic do not add formaldehyde, benzene and other organic volatile, to ensure that the product is truly environmentally friendly products.


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