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How to choose the appropriate paint-free eco-board as needed

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Mianqi ecological board due to the use of health and environmental protection, no formaldehyde pollution, in people's lives more and more widely used. To make the plate to play the desired effect, only select the appropriate plate model. So, how to choose? Here, Xiaobian to say!
First of all, in the purchase of ecological board, consumers should be based on the nature of their own decoration works, use, use the environment and other factors, the choice of different types, materials, grade Mianqi ecological board.
Second, if used in potentially humid environments, or when the water resistance requirements are high, choose a higher level of Laoqu eco-board, such as outdoor use, due to poor use of the environment, wind and rain, so also use high Grade of ecological board.
Finally, the joinery eco-board if it is used for decoration, the application of precious wood, cut into thin wood, veneer made of the plate, this plate decorative effect is ideal. In the panel decoration, the need for transparent varnish, can increase the beauty of the plate.


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