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What is melamine board melamine board is toxic?

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What is melamine board melamine board is toxic?
Many people mention melamine to now have a lingering fear, a few years ago because of melamine poison milk, now is melamine sheet, this time someone asked, melamine sheet can be used in the decoration, there is no possible to the owners of poisoning , This article for everyone to introduce what is melamine sheet, melamine plate toxic? Related questions.
What is melamine board
Melamine plate is a different color or texture of the paper into the melamine resin adhesive soak, with a dry, flutter in the other surface of the plate by hot pressing treatment of a wall decoration materials. This kind of plate commonly used furniture and cabinet production, but also used as counterfeit composite floor, this approach is clearly not desirable.
The advantages and disadvantages of melamine board:
Melamine board with a strong hardness, wear-resistant heat, inexpensive, easy to clean, etc., can resist the general acid and grease and so on.
Melamine board also has a low grade, edge margin easy to collapse side, glue traces of obvious, can not be gong flowers only straight edge and other shortcomings.
Melamine board has 2135mm × 915mm, 2440mm × 915mm, 2440mm × 1220mm and other three specifications, thick 0.6-1.2mm.
Is melamine board toxic?
Melamine in addition to high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance, fire and other characteristics of fire, the inherent chemical properties of its stability. Melamine-related products as long as no food can be avoided poisoning, so the normal melamine is not volatile, so melamine sheet is five toxic. If you choose the plywood with pungent taste, that hundred percent is formaldehyde. Melamine sheet itself used as a decoration material from time to time will not produce harmful substances, but this material grade is relatively low, usually only for furniture surface decoration materials.
The difference between melamine board and fire board:
Fire board than the melamine sheet processing and production of a total of trouble, fire board need to spray glue, less than one day, then no way to use. The melamine sheet can be directly cut board. So many small factories or decoration team is not a professional Ya machine, the use of traditional soil approach, so the quality is difficult to be guaranteed.
Second, the fire board is three layers of veneer, the thickness is relatively thick. Poly melamine sheet only a relatively thin layer, so the fire board is more resistant to wear and other characteristics. Although they all contain resin, but the structure and thickness of different, resulting in melamine sheet performance is much worse than the fire board.


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