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Analysis on the Difference between Multilayer Board and Ecol

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Analysis on the Difference between Multilayer Board and Ecological Board
There are decoration friends complain, hear the decoration staff said multilayer, ecological board, and then heard that there is a multi-layer ecological sheet, in the end is a multi-layer board or ecological sheet, or that the two are the same thing, To be confused. Mo, the following to tell you.
What is a multilayer board?
 Multilayer board, in fact, is the common plywood in our lives, the special place is that its layer is greater than or equal to the odd number of three layers and adjacent layers of wood fiber fibers perpendicular to each other. It is a section of the wood peeling into a veneer or wood square cut into thin slices and then use adhesive glue from the plate-like material. Multi-layer plywood in the furniture manufacturing industry can be seen everywhere, can be used alone, can also be used to manufacture other plates such as decorative panels and so on.
What is an ecological board?
Ecological board refers to the use of melamine film and wood board core composition and then by hot pressing made of a new type of sheet. The so-called melamine film refers to the melamine resin adhesive soaked and dried with a certain color or texture of the paper, and wood board core common with particleboard, moisture board, medium density fiberboard and other hard fiber sheet.
· Multilayer board is eco board?
Through the above for the multi-layer board and the concept of ecological sheet, the answer to this question has been obvious. Obviously, the multilayer is not an ecological sheet, and the two are not the same. Since the multilayer board is not an ecological sheet, what is the relationship between the two? In fact, the relationship between the two is only ecological sheet can be processed after the multi-layer board, and multi-layer board can be used to make ecological sheet. Whether from a practical point of view or aesthetic point of view, it is clear that the ecological plate is better than the multi-layer board, because the multilayer board is untreated plywood, the surface is quite beautiful.
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