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Maritime increasingly tense, hedgehog rosewood dealers activ

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After experiencing the market in June and July, the market trend of the mahogany market in August is far less optimistic than expected, and the turnover of the representative market is not ideal. The mahogany dealers face greater shipments The The industry believes that the current market buying and selling both sides of the market game will intensify, and the capital has become the key to winning the enemy. The same time as
A short break is just a way to go further. The face of shrinkage price of the market, holding businessmen seem to have not because of shrinkage and have been too impatient, wait and see it into a general attitude of businessmen. And Cochin Dalbergia, large fruit sandalwood Although the market concerned about the heat diminished, but cautious wait and see mood also makes it difficult to form an effective support for the broader market, the market showed a state of no market price. In terms of price, Cochin Dalbergia, broadleaf Dalbergia, large fruit sandalwood potential for the market outlook, so even if the face of low volume of the price of the situation, the price is high, Cochin Dalbergia transaction price of 126,000 yuan / ton. The same time as
In the new goods to cover short positions, recently, in addition to hedgehog rosewood new goods into the market news, the rest of the species are to clear inventory-based. Although the recent succession of Nigeria, Gambia's new goods into the market, but the overall quality as before, and the high price of the operation is also a large extent affected the market take the goods. The same time as
From the business to reflect the situation, the current downstream furniture factory for hedgehogs red sandalwood high prices to accept the increase, some businesses even said that as long as the quality is good, the price is not too much problem. At present the Guangdong market hedgehogs red sandalwood origin Gambia reported 6800 yuan / ton, origin of Nigeria reported 5200-6800 yuan / ton. smooth. The same time as
Although the hedgehog rosewood recently to the market turnover continued to decline, but the origin of the message but one after another. According to the survey, the current Sierra Leone hedgehog rosewood wood endangered permit procedures have been dredged, but the sea tensions have become another business problems, it is learned that the current container is very tight in Sierra Leone, so the new goods into the market will continue to delay. Other sources Nigeria, Gambia continue to maintain a smooth supply, although the cost of rising prices, but businesses are still actively stocking, expect gold nine silver ten market performance.

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