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Introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of melamine

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Introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of melamine board
Melamine board is a gradually accepted by the people of the new plate, the following inventory for you to the advantages and disadvantages of melamine board, we can understand!
1, the advantages of melamine board
Since the melamine board is so popular with consumers, it certainly has some advantages that other plates do not have. The following Xiaobian will say the advantages of this melamine board from two points.
Physical properties: Melamine board surface is very smooth, uniform structure, not easy to deformation, hardness, wear and tear resistance are good, and can resist the general acid, alkali, grease and alcohol corrosion.
Decorative function: the surface layer of melamine has a layer of melamine paper, this layer of paper texture or color can be artificially controlled, can be imitation of a variety of patterns, bright color, shiny, with a strong aesthetics, use it to decoration, Can be more home for some embellishment.
2, the shortcomings of melamine board
Like coins have two faces the same, even if the melamine board is a very high cost of the plate, but also inevitably exist defects.
Defect 1: melamine board in the production process will use this glue, and this glue is qualified will directly affect the environmental protection level of melamine board, if the quality of poor glue, the product is easy to cause a threat to human health.
Defect two: Another thing to say is melamine board as a man-made sheet, the furniture produced by it may be more beautiful than solid wood furniture, but consumers believe that solid wood furniture such as mahogany furniture, etc. more upscale.
The above for everyone to inventory the advantages and disadvantages of melamine board, hoping to help you better understand the melamine board Oh!
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