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Five common melamine board substrates

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Five common melamine board substrates
Melamine board is mainly composed of decorative veneer and substrate two parts. Melamine board is a man-made sheet, not the same substrate properties of melamine board is different, so today we will introduce five common melamine board substrate.
First, melamine board Substrate: solid wood board
A solid wood board of one of the melamine boards is a wood made of complete logs. Solid wood panels are rugged and durable, and are relatively natural and have a natural fragrance of natural wood. However, the cost of solid wood is high and the wood Waste of resources, so in order to protect forest resources, easy to choose the construction of man-made sheet for the construction of ecological civilization, a force.
Second, melamine board substrate: Blockboard
Melanite board substrate one of the blockboard is also known as the big core board, is a two-tier high-quality veneer in the middle of the quality of the board made of high quality wood plate. Blockboard The outermost board is called the panel, the inner board is called medium plate, and the core layer of the board is called wood core board. The small wood piece of wood core board is called core, and the grain direction of the core is The longitudinal direction of the plate.
Three, melamine board substrate: plywood (multi-layer board)
One of the multilayer boards of the melamine board core is a three or more sheet made of wood veneer cut into veneer or cut from a wood section into a veneer and then glued together with an adhesive, usually with an odd number of veneers, And the fibers of the adjacent veneers are perpendicularly bonded to each other. The following are the same as the "
Fourth, melamine board substrate: medium density fiberboard
A medium density fiberboard of one of the melamine board substrates is a wood-based panel obtained by mechanical separation and chemical treatment of wood or plant fibers, incorporation of adhesives and water repellents. As the medium density fiberboard surface is smooth, easy to paste a variety of finishes, can make the finished furniture more beautiful. In the bending strength and impact strength, are better than the particleboard.
5, melamine board substrate: particleboard
Particleboard, one of the melamine board substrates, is also called particle board, granule plate, granule plate, bagasse board, which is made of wood or other wood fiber material, dried, mixed with adhesive, hardener, waterproofing agent Adhesives, in the role of high temperature and pressure synthetic rubber synthetic sheet.


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