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Is the eco-board the heavier and the better? Ask the consume

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Some consumers in the purchase of eco-board or solid wood furniture, will be some should be the idea and the wrong understanding of the community, in the subconscious that the heavier the better plate to weight on the quality, then the giant peak plate for consumption Puzzles: ecological board is not the heavier the better?
       First, consumers should be clear, different materials, different weight. Because the density of wood is not the same, of course, its weight is not the same. The same standard under the ecological board, from the weight of the words (fir> poplar> Malacca). Not to say that the quality of ecological board is good, consumers must combine the characteristics of various plates and their own requirements to choose. Ecological board in the national standard clearly defined its thickness, as long as the standard, it is sufficient to use. The thickness of the ecological board is bigger, is a little thick, but the wardrobe door is mainly from the blocking effect, too thick is not necessary. And a lot of plate plate looks very thick, but in fact the middle is a multi-layer board together, there may be hollow, if it is solid, it is too heavy, no need. Too heavy sheet metal will also cause a burden, affecting the life of the hardware.
       Is the eco-board the heavier and the better? The answer is misreading. So consumers need to pay attention to the choice of eco-board: the influential sheet metal enterprises, China's top ten brands of plates, as much as possible to choose E1 and even E0-level ecological board, the thickness of about 17.5mm, flat surface flat, Hollow core.


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