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Ecological wood future will be a new advantage to occupy the

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Ecological wood future will be a new advantage to occupy the decorative market
Ecological wood to wood fiber and resin, polymer materials processing, which is no formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, it can be said that the green decoration materials. Compared with natural solid wood, ecological wood in waterproof, moth, anti-corrosion, etc. are better than natural wood, while decoration without pollution, without unnecessary maintenance and conservation, and has the characteristics of energy saving, green decoration materials. Ecological wood performance is stable, environmentally friendly, safe and diverse, so it is widely used in many fields. A wide variety of ecological wood to give people more choices, is widely used in home, hotels, offices and other places. With the emphasis on the ecological environment, ecological wood in the decoration industry more and more attention. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also gives a unique feeling, is now one of the main decoration materials. In the future decoration market, ecological wood will be a new advantage to capture the market, the majority of the people accepted and love.
1, energy conservation and environmental health is low carbon is the characteristics of ecological wood.
2, no radiation, low formaldehyde, does not produce radiation hazards, while the product can be immediately after the stay.
3, waterproof, non-slip, long-term immersion in the water can not be deformed, while the water can be used for beautiful decoration.
4, flame retardant, anti-static, do not burn, fire can not burn.
5, easy to use, according to the user needs free with
 Ecological wood with sound-absorbing, environmental protection, fire-retardant, heat insulation, moisture, moisture, mildew, easy to cut, can be parquet, construction is simple, good stability, good impact resistance, cost-effective advantages, a variety of rich Of the colors to choose from, to meet the different styles and levels of sound-absorbing decorative needs. Commonly used in conference rooms, KTV, etc., cinema, music room and so on. To achieve the role of sound and sound insulation.


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