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The joinery is not the thicker the better

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Blockwork Mizushi Eco-board is not thicker the better? Eco-board due to green, non-formaldehyde, it has become a popular decoration materials. But in the choice, many people find plate thickness is very different. So what is the effect of thickness on the use of the plate? Here, we come together to understand the thickness of the impact of the quality of the bar it
      At present, the market on the joinery woodworking board, the thickness of the difference is very large. Plate thickness is different, the price is different, the quality of the use of the plate also have an impact. But the use of different, choose the thickness of the plate there are differences, can not be generalized.
      Ecological wood thickness is generally between 1.62-1.65 cm, but this thickness of the ecological board is not suitable for the production of furniture, visual effects are poor, the quality is poor. And 1.8 cm of the joinery woodworking substrate is more suitable for furniture production, visual effects, and not easy to deformation.
      Solid wood multi-layer ecological board thickness has an important impact on its quality, the use of late effects and the quality of furniture products, performance has a great impact. Therefore, in the purchase time, we must seriously consult the ecological board manufacturers, to buy qualified products.


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