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For the control of eco-board production costs

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The ecological board mill is mainly produced by Daxin board and plywood as the substrate, which greatly reduces the formaldehyde emission, but also improves the flatness of the surface of the ecological board, and is less prone to deformation.
     To control its production costs, it is necessary to understand the surface of paper, can be divided into ink paper and color paper, which ink paper color, more like a log, with three components of high anti-UV 5, more faded and three Strong sense of the price is expensive, but the color paper to be almost. In fact, each plant's process capacity, raw materials to get the way, the production process is reasonable, coupled with the profitability of sales requirements, will pile up and affect the cost of a sheet of paper. Factories can do to product innovation as the center, optimize the channel to strengthen the production of each link management, to overcome the reliance on raw material manufacturers, the formation of integrated production.
     Ecological board has a very good environmental performance, in the use of the process, will not cause any harm to people's body, popular with the public.


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