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Is the Internet evaluation mechanism applicable to the home

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Since the beginning of 2014, the home improvement industry began to combine with the Internet scale, Internet home improvement has also started to flourish, but then the expectations of online value was lifted very high, although in a variety of public remarks, the Internet home improvement industry practitioners known as To the same line of online attention, but can not deny, look forward to changing the traditional industry, the pain point is a lot of people look forward to.
Internet home improvement "pragmatic" new stage from the real emphasis on online and offline combination began
Shenzhen City Decoration Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Che Min directly pointed out that the Internet may solve the home improvement business marketing and brand promotion issues, but did not solve the traditional home improvement industry pain point, did not do more standardized.
After three years of development, practitioners began to realize that simply through the line would like to easily complete the traditional home improvement problems and pain points of the transformation is almost impossible. If you want to achieve the fundamental changes in the home improvement industry, must be through the line and the combination of online, in the era of the Internet to maintain the original advanced experience under the premise of starting from the new entry point to make the development of Internet home improvement into a new development stage.
Internet home furnishing a lot of good vision in the process of landing which encountered a lot of difficulties. Although we are filled with a lot of good imagination when we are born out of the Internet, but wait until we really will these beautiful imagination when the floor found in the actual landing process which will still encounter a lot of problems.
The evaluation mechanism of the Internet can not change the status quo
The beginning of the Internet home improvement hope to subvert the industry, the evaluation mechanism into the industry, so that the owners to the construction team scoring, praise bad reviews at a glance, once a lot of enterprises in Shenzhen to do "home improvement" public comment, look forward to change the home improvement industry, the lack of supervision The problem. Will be in the official website and other channels to publicize, as a cooperation with their home improvement company to promote a major marketing point. However, this idea in the actual operation of the process which encountered a lot of challenges.
Because these home improvement company is not the Internet home improvement platform direct sales, so these home improvement company even by the owners hit a very low score, but it is after a face-lift can still attract customers, the expansion of new business. Although this kind of irrelevant supervision is a lot of Internet home improvement company as a brutal construction, unscientific construction of the killer, but wait until the actual landing time, but encountered unprecedented challenges, and ultimately to the Internet home improvement supervision role has become a display, A lot of home improvement company in the actual renovation of the process which will still be brutal construction, will still be free construction, the owner of the decoration caused harm.
Home decoration industry attention to the operation of the entity is more conducive to the owners feel
Internet technology and the actual operation of the line is difficult to achieve full integration. Home improvement industry is actually a line of the actual operation of the industry. And Internet technology is how to solve the problem through the online means to improve efficiency, under the influence of such a rule, the Internet technology began to appear with the actual operation can not achieve full integration of the situation, eventually led to a lot of Internet home improvement company The innovation can not really landed.
To design, for example, rely too much on online data, relying on the template module design design makes some Internet home improvement lost personality, and many companies aware of this problem, began to strengthen the operation of offline entities. Online as a drainage to attract consumers, line as a direct platform with the owners to communicate. At the same time through the improvement of management and systems, optimize the internal work processes, rather than sacrifice consumer users.


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