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Market review] June: off-season timber prices, a few contrar

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After entering the market in June, the timber market officially entered the off-season, the overall demand for wood decreased, the timber market continued downward, to remove a small amount of wood such as rubber wood due to the impact of export policy and supply shortage demand increased, leading to price contrarian up, Most of the timber market demand is relatively weak, in the absence of profit guarantee, the downstream processing plant procurement atmosphere, resulting in declining prices of timber.
Pinus sylvestris prices continue to fall
[Market review] June: off-season timber prices, a few contrarian up
Throughout the June offer price of Pinus sylvestris, you can find it has been in a downward trend, and is a relatively stable decline in the state, down about 3-5 yuan, down 20-30 yuan or so, the decline is not large. The main reasons are: 1, May began to steadily increase the volume of Pinus sylvestris, the stock is sufficient; 2, the domestic timber market sales off-season, the reduction in demand led to the decline in timber prices; 3, the rainy season continued to lead a lot of ports Warehouse warehouse burst warehouse, some goods can only be piled outdoors, easy to blue, resulting in a lot of woodlogs were selling promotional sales, the price naturally fall. As shown in Figure, the price of 4-6M A-class Pinus sylvestris market prices have been declining.
Jasong wood prices continue to increase
[Market review] June: off-season timber prices, a few contrarian up
According to the figure we can see that the specifications for the 38 * 89 / 2.44M of pine wood in early June and although the middle of the price trend to maintain, but the magnitude is not large, to the end of June after the price decline is worsening. As a kind of North American wood, the price is low because it is affected by the traditional off-season of the timber market. However, it is one of the more scarce timber in the domestic market. Therefore, the price decline is not big, Trends in market trends. By the end of June, with the deepening of the atmosphere, the increase in the amount of pine to reduce the amount of North American wood to increase the amount of wood can also be maintained, the price increase began to increase.
Radiation loose factors lead to rise and then fall
[Market review] June: off-season timber prices, a few contrarian up
Because the number of ports to reduce the number of ships and the scarcity of timber stocks, radiation pine in the timber market is very hot, in May once the price soared until the high price stability, to early June even if the impact of the off-season, there are still some signs of micro-rising. But in the middle and late June, the market subsistence atmosphere continued to deepen, the price of radiation pine inquiry goods were significantly reduced, radiation pine market shipments gradually slowed down, resulting in radiation market, the overall market showed a cold market, the price finally began to fall. But because before the price skyrocketed, although the price down at this time is still high, so that some customers are still difficult to accept the wait-and-see state, predict the future radiation pine will have a certain decline. As shown above, the price of 4M small A-level Radiant pine market prices in June before the heat is still continued in late June began to fall.
Rubber wood market prices contrarian up
[Market review] June: off-season timber prices, a few contrarian up
In early June, the timber market into the off-season, the price of rubber wood is contrarian up, the reason is that rubber since May, a large area continued to cut production, by the beginning of June China's rubber stocks depleted, facing serious In the middle of June, the rubber wood market situation has improved, take the volume began to slow down, the market price is relatively stable, began to decline some of the situation; but time to step into the situation, the price of rubber wood prices continue to rise; After the end of June, due to the impact of the policy and exchange rate of the Southeast Asian countries, such as the baht to the US dollar, the cost of the purchase of rubber wood is rising, and Malaysia will suspend the export of rubber wood on 1 July, and Vietnam will be on July 1 To September to stop the approval of rubber wood cutting, etc., resulting in rubber wood is about to face again the shortage of supply situation, for which many businesses talk about the wind, after another stocking, strong market demand and the arrival of the shortage of supply situation so that the price of rubber wood again off-season Rising trend.
In summary, the June timber market is already controlled by the deep off-season atmosphere, the trend is still the price decline, a small part of the wood because of the previous heat and the origin of national policy factors bucking up the phenomenon of time to enter the July , The atmosphere to further deepen the off-season, it is estimated that all kinds of wood will have a certain decline. However, the price of wood is also very susceptible to policy, inventory, exchange rate and other factors, even in the off-season is not necessarily completely downward trend, there is a need for manufacturers or can not blindly wait and see, pay close attention to the daily price of China Wood Network, insight Timber prices change trend, so be aware of the time, the right time can be in one fell swoop!

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