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China Environmental Health Home Alliance was established

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November 23, by the China Environmental Health Household Alliance, sponsored by Zhejiang Province Door Industry Association, Guangdong Provincial Coatings Industry Association, Zhejiang Province Coating Industry Association co-sponsored the "2017 Third (GDCC Summit) Custom Home Industry Thousand Summit and home Supply Chain Micro-Exhibition "in Soochow Soochow Mingdu Hotel was held. The current CDCC summit highlights "China Environment Health Home Alliance" and "Home Industry Leader Forum" as a platform for domestic enterprises and suppliers to provide a forum for micro-negotiation.
China Environmental Health Home Alliance was established
Chen Bing, chairman of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association, and Lv Shui, secretary general, attended the conference and co-sponsored Guangdong Province Tu Coating and China Door Industry Association, Zhejiang Door Custom Home Improvement Association and Guangdong Provincial Door Industry Association. Environmental health home alliance, and reached a strategic cooperation contract, at the same time with the Zhejiang Provincial Door Industry Association signed a strategic cooperation in the industrial chain. This is the Guangdong Provincial Coating Society following the joint Guangdong Furniture Association in Guangdong Province, Guangdong Forestry Industry Association co-sponsored the establishment of "Green Furniture Industry Alliance", take the initiative to go out across the province, cross-border construction of Guangdong paint industry chain more docking docking market Of the application exchange industry chain public platform for the wide coating Concord Guangdong Province outstanding wood coatings brand cross-border development, has a lot of significance.
China Environmental Health Home Alliance was established
Chen Bing, chairman of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association and chairman of Zhanchen New Materials Group (left), signed strategic cooperation with Yu Jingyuan, chairman of Zhejiang Door Industry Association and chairman of Dream Tianmu Men Group
In the speech delivered by the General Assembly, Chen Bing, president of Guangdong Coatings Association and chairman of Chan Chen, said that in recent years China's home industry has undergone rapid development and the coating industry has also experienced a large Shuffle In the future, Zhanchen hopes to make progress together with the home industry and hopes the conference will achieve full success.
China Environmental Health Home Alliance was established
The conference also attracted nearly 600 custom-made wooden doors factories, 400 dealers, 200 designers, 100 decoration companies and decoration companies in all parts of the country to attend. The paint, Huilong paint, Long Runfa, riverside paint, Dibang paint, Huarun paint, paint Hualong, Paint and other high-quality wood coatings brand in Guangdong and Di Feng Machinery actively involved in the event, for China's custom home and door health and environmental protection paint and do a good job industrial chain docking services. At the meeting, the topics such as "China Doors and Custom Home Environment Coating Solutions Sharing" shared by Zhanchen Coatings, topics such as the Environmental Coatings Forum sponsored by Huilong Paint and the popular color release conference for wood doors and whole wood trends in China also became The highlight of the entire event.

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