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Furniture industry: the property market regulation "not col

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An indisputable fact is that in 2017 is definitely the real estate market over the years, the most memorable year, both the intensity of the property market regulation introduced or the number is absolutely historic.
According to incomplete statistics, since 2017, nearly 180 market-related policies have been promulgated across the country, both in strength and breadth far exceeding those in any previous year. These policies include a number of measures such as purchase restriction, credit limit, limit price, limit sale and limit quota, among which the restriction on sale is the first large-scale implementation. At present, more than 40 cities have implemented restrictions on sales.
So, as closely related with the real estate industry, the property market restrictions on the domestic industry what impact it?
Little effect!
Or to say, not only minimal impact, but will prompt the furniture industry to upgrade.
One fact is that the higher the real estate purchase rate is higher, decoration, the more furniture market to buy fire. Because, instead of looking at the decoration of the market transaction volume of the house, do not see the amount of housing, but depends on the renovation rate and occupancy rates. Those investors and real estate speculators to buy almost no decoration of the house, the real group just need decoration. Property regulation hit the real estate speculators, to meet more and more just need, so decoration, furniture market will be more and more fire.
At the same time, with the tight control of the property market, the furniture industry, there have been two poles:
First, as far as the impact of the property market control on the furniture market is concerned, the sales of some businesses as a whole dropped sharply. Coupled with rising rents store, many brands appear withdrawal shop.
Second, the property market regulation to promote the development of furniture brand enterprises. Property regulation is the main restriction of real estate speculators who, by appropriate suppression of prices can allow rigid demand for further release. Only rigid demand buyers will be the layout of the house, this part of the increase, the furniture market will be on the rise.
In fact, the property market regulation over the past few times the impact on the furniture industry is also not very large, more related to the then economic environment. The industry believes that the current market regulation of the performance of the furniture industry, the growth rate of decline in space has been more limited, furniture companies still have prospects for development.
This is mainly because, firstly, real estate consumption is expected to open up to secondary home purchase. Consumers will gradually prefer brand consumption when re-selecting furniture. Environmental protection, cost-effectiveness and home environment are new drivers. Second, the value of the property hedging value-added determines the rigid demand for housing, and this self-demand will inevitably have the need for renovation, so from the market demand point of view, the future potential of the furniture market is still very large.
In fact, in the long run, the property market regulation is a good thing for the furniture industry. Furniture is a category in the economy. If the property market is unhealthy, the final real estate economy will affect the whole real economy. As a part of the real economy, the furniture industry is clearly not alone. Regulated the property market is good, economic development is normal, we return to the rational, and no longer work hard in the bubble, life will have a run, the industry has hope, society can orderly.
This is a chance for all of us.
In the face of opportunities, we must also clearly recognize that as a furniture, we should not focus on the housing restrictions such as the purchase and housing policies.
In other words, the real estate market is good, you sell more furniture yet? Real estate is not good, but also to see many brands do a good job. This is just a macro and micro issue. Brand more should consider the micro-problems, consumers like specific products, as long as your product to meet market demand, then there is still a rigid demand. This is above all a matter of attitude.
It is true that if the real estate market is good, it will be relatively easy to operate. However, as an enterprise, if its competitiveness is to be strong, it must have strong competitiveness in various market environments. Do "lose the least when the decline, winning when winning the most."


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