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A method of making flat doors using hollow particleboard

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1, selection:
       Keel: thickness and core thickness of the same, or slightly thick 0.3mm.
        Core material: hollow particle board.
        Surface: plywood, trim panel, MDF.
2, the election of plastic:
        Cold pressing: Choose the quick glue for the puzzle or the better, with a low tax rate.
        Hot pressing: urea formaldehyde glue
3, the production method:
        The first step: the use of plastic machine, evenly in the plywood glue. If the artificial glue, remember to glue evenly, and the amount of glue per square meter of about 180g (depending on the viscosity of the glue may be). Remember not to glue on the hollow board.
        Step 2: Place the gauze on the glued plywood and put the hollow plate in the middle. The direction of the hole is in the direction of the width. Between the keel and the keel, the keel is connected with the core. In the direction of the hole on both sides of the core and the keel between the left and left 5 cm gap.
        The third step: the other coated with a plastic plywood covered, aligned into the press.
Note: The use of hollow panels, the need to cross, turn 90 °, the direction of the hole into a horizontal, and for splicing, splicing without the use of glue or code nails, you can cover the panel into the press.

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