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Construction, storage and handling of hollow particleboard

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Transport: leaflet or a small amount of handling, remember to erect up to move.
Packaging: due to the existence of regional climate and the relative temperature difference, the core board in the local use, you must let the core to adjust the humidity, so that the state to balance. Therefore, we recommend 5 days before processing, open the plastic film packaging, so that the relative humidity adjustment itself.
Storage: 1. Make sure that the core is stored indoors and dry, even if stored in a storage compartment with only one side of the opening, which can cause changes in size, especially in the direction of the tube hole.
    2, if the core board for a long time storage, even stored in the room can also cause changes in the direction of the tube hole.
     3, this product is a German technology, is a high-tech products. The tubular core material has a soundproofing function, so it has a certain degree of flexibility, the plate is completely exposed to the air, the surface of a plate because the upper and lower surface and air contact surface imbalance, will show a slight bend, this situation is normal, not deformation , Just bend the plate in turn placed, you can restore the flatness, does not affect the quality of production.
Treatment: 1, the core plate may show a slight bend, this bending in the use of decorative panels, keel, into the press after the disappearance.
      2, through the friction, small particles can be separated from the surface of the core board, which is a normal phenomenon, not the core density is not good.
      3, cutting trimming, the core cutting surface looks very loose, which has no effect in the processing process.
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