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How to buy hollow particleboard correctly

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Hollow particleboard, also known as bridge hole mechanical board, is an ideal wooden door core material. The product is a new type of green products, with noise insulation effect, high flatness, easy processing and other characteristics, widely welcomed by the doors of enterprises. The detection standard of hollow particleboard in China is generally: moisture content, length size change rate, water swelling thickness, plate density, plate density deviation, bending strength, internal bonding strength, formaldehyde emission. But the general customer did not detect equipment, to teach you a few simple methods for customer reference.
One, look at the material
Substrate is the key to determining the quality of hollow particleboard. Almost no domestic enterprises to use pure pine processing hollow particleboard, the general quality of the enterprise is the use of loosewood as the substrate is the majority of pine and a small part of the other materials from the processing of trees. The worst of the poplar wood, its high water absorption, variable nature, determines the quality of the hollow particle board.
Second, glue
        In fact, urea aldehyde glue production method is very simple, the simplest way to produce a 3,000 yuan of the reactor can produce a glue. But to produce environmentally friendly high quality glue needs a larger investment, production equipment, testing equipment, production technology, raw material quality, quantity and so on.
       So customers are difficult to distinguish, once the product environmental rating is not up to standard, it brings trouble.
Third, waterproofing agent
      General particleboard surface has a layer of wax, that is waterproofing agent. There are two ways to use:
(A) surface spray wax;
(B) to join the glue and stir into the wood.
Waterproofing agent is to determine the expansion rate of hollow particle board. Generally the correct use of waterproofing agents and the use of good quality waterproofing agent produced by the hollow particleboard, processed into a wooden door is basically not a variant, safer.
Fourth, production equipment and technology
Production of hollow particleboard are extrusion method, the domestic improvement of the process is divided into two kinds:
(A) the location of the machine placed lower (domestic improved), usually squeezed out of a plate to cut, the plate strength is not enough to find.
(2) the location of the machine placed higher (according to foreign process), usually after the suspension of hanging 6-7 plate, this way if the strength of the plate toughness can not meet the requirements, the plate will fall, so this process is usually produced The bonding strength of the plate is relatively stable.

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