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What is the furniture trim? Plywood

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Now many people in the purchase of their houses will be renovated, some people like to buy UV decorative plate made of furniture materials, they think this furniture is relatively good, the quality is also very good, with other decoration can make the whole house has a Kind of feeling different, so that their lives have become colorful. But the kind of paste a good board, Xiao Bian and we talk about.
Decorative panel furniture
Decorative panel furniture - Fuchsia decorative panel
Origin of northeast China, is characterized by yellow and white, delicate structure, texture and thick, shrinkage rate is small, good impact resistance. Divided into Fraxinus mandshurica and Ash. Fraxinus mongolica color yellow in the white, made after the grain texture clear, so mostly for the manufacture of mountain products. Ash in the construction of antique paint, the effect is no less than cherry and other high-end varieties, and another flavor. Applies to the living room in the home, study, furniture, decoration. Fuselage fender decorative panels are divided into straight willow and hills and willow two. Straight lines willow, is the lines of ash is a row of vertical arrangement, mountain water is also we usually see the lines, like water ripples, like a sense of flow. Fraxinus mandshurica complex, the color was yellow was black, the price is low. The market price of a fried rice ornaments in general is about 60 yuan, such as the use of properly, handling properly, it is also a practical choice for the decoration of the plate.
Decorative panel furniture - beech wood trim panel
Scarlet beech and white beech, can be processed into a plate, square material, sheet. Texture is fine and straight, or even dotted. Wood hard, tough, resistant to corrosion-resistant impact, easy to crack after drying, transparent paint coating effect is quite good. (Facade) and plywood (substrate) for the wall, the cylinder surface, the use of solid wood flooring, staircase handrails, and a variety of decorative wire (doors and windows sets, furniture edge, , Door and window sets and furniture trim panels.
Decorative panel furniture
Decorative panel furniture - oak, maple and beech wood trim panels
The oak trims are smaller than the pattern of the maple trim panels; the texture of the maple and the lines of the ash are similar. But with the three decorative panels to match the solid wood lines is quite difficult to find, generally more with white lines or bleached after the fir lines to fill these side panels. In addition, the surface of the oak trim panel is prone to black spots due to humidity changes.
Decorative panel furniture - teak trim panel
Hard texture, fine and durable, wear-resistant corrosion-resistant, easy to deformation, shrinkage rate is the smallest of a wood. The plate can be used for solid wood flooring, decorative panels for furniture, wall. Such as bedroom doors, closet doors can be decorated with white beech or maple in the middle part, surrounded by red beech frame. Oak, maple and other decorative panels small area embellishment effect is better.
Decorative panel furniture - walnut trim panels
Color from light gray to purple brown, thick texture and rich changes. Transparent paint after painting texture more beautiful, more deep and steady color. Walnut decorative panels in the painting before the surface to avoid scratching white, the number of times more than the other decorative panels 1 to 2 Road. So in the home decoration in a large area with these decorative panels to decorate less, but they can use them for a small range of embellishment.
Decorative panel furniture
Xiao Bian's introduction to the end here, buy a new house decoration house is a small project, because it is involved in the money, and buy a house to occupy 90%. In fact, in addition to our choice of a good panel to do furniture, even if your house decoration no matter how good your furniture placed unreasonable, no matter how good the decoration is futile, so we can bring our life is not the same Artistic sense. We say it is not it
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