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How to improve the reuse rate of building templates

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The main material commonly used in building templates is wood. The current cost of using timber resources is growing. To protect the original building templates can be fully reused, so that the role of building templates to maximize. The following focus on how to improve the reuse of building templates to analyze:
Protect the building template, improve the repeated use of building templates, extend the life of the template, the building template can be painted on a layer of paint. Temporal paint with the physical properties and good adhesion (with the steel bonding strength of 9MPa), wear, alkali, can be repeated use, can effectively protect the building template. Specific can be seen from the following points:
1, construction works in the construction of the template Most of the open-air stacking, protection of wood construction templates do not corrode is a big problem. The template paint has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust, due to the isolation of the paint can make the building template from the impact of concrete sand and abrasive erosion and cement hydrate corrosion, can effectively improve the repeated use of building templates, thus extending the building template Of the service life.
2, the template paint film surface bright and full, good finish, can naturally form a glaze to make up the architectural template surface defects.
3, the template paint the thermal decomposition of the film temperature of about 350 ℃, has a good heat-resistant alkaline, very suitable for building the use of the template.


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