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Veneer (veneer) veneer series of technology veneer

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Decorative veneer is one of the coastal wood industry strength products, the panel is the solid wood board precision cut into a thickness of about 0.2mm thin veneer to plywood as the substrate, made by the adhesive process with a single decorative effect Decorative sheet. Its decorative effect with the different types of veneer, have their own different characteristics: science and technology veneer series, colorful, beautiful flawless grain texture, the real flawless, the same table; stained veneer series, its color and flexibility, not only to the designer Leaving the color imagination, and make the living environment adds a lot of color; natural veneer series, with the same solid wood texture, luxury quality, both internally and externally, can give people return to the natural heart and beauty of the arts to enjoy The
Technology veneer is the most beautiful effect in all the decorative panels, the general veneer color is generally more monotonous, often worms, stuttering, color problems plagued everyone, and technology veneer from the natural, create a natural, can be widely used in modern plate Furniture, solid wood composite doors, solid wood flooring surface paste skin; hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, cafes, entertainment clubs, townhouses and other interior decoration finishes; other wood products, crafts surface paste skin. Coastal solid wood paste board, has always been to pursue the "flower, color, plate" and other details of the perfect, the use of environmentally friendly glue, apply paste gluing, cold pressing hot pressing edge, sanding and other processes, with a high degree of bonding Smooth and beautiful appearance, the color harmony and natural, smooth surface, stable quality and superior characteristics, is green (up to E0 level) environmentally friendly veneer decorative panels.
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