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Eco board furniture - good at quality, bright in the design

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Ecological board is good at quality
Ecological board raw materials more fresh: the northeast alpine forest resources - large diameter poplar, fresh wood materials.
Ecological board environmental protection material is more prominent: pure environmental protection adhesive no additional harmful add, health and environmental protection.
The use of ecological board more comprehensive: the role of a comprehensive, satisfied with the furniture manufacturing, decoration, housing construction, packaging materials, and other complex use requirements.
Ecological board technology is more advanced: high temperature hot pressing treatment, the whole dry sewing machine, many times fine sanding, no joints without cracks, uniform density, the screws eat at any point are real.
Ecological board construction more convenient: eliminating the three-in-one cumbersome process, save time and labor.
The eco board is bright in design
Case Description: ecological board furniture, cabinet, door, top line, Roman column and other elements with the same color, homogeneous, with the material, outside the warm wall panels and smallpox match, filling the romantic elegance and elegant. Full of texture of the metallic border outline the smooth lines, the details of the exquisite design of the furniture to the high-end texture more vividly show.
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