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Do four reasons to choose a multilayer board

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Do the choice of what is good plate, the answer is of course multi-storey solid wood, why multilayer is also called multi-layer solid wood, why must choose it, these four reasons enough to convince you.
Multilayer board, also known as plywood, is a layer of wood veneer made by pressure coating, and in order to distinguish between the quality of multilayer board, so with the birth of multi-layer solid wood. This is to tell the consumer friends, raw material is the real solid wood, is definitely not abandoned waste.
Do the wardrobe must choose the first reason for multi-layer board: environmental protection. Wardrobe whether the need for environmental protection, the problem is no doubt that the environmental protection of the wardrobe for home life how important, but also a lot of friends are aware of. So environmental protection is a wardrobe into the family's foothold. Once because of environmental protection does not meet the standard caused by excessive formaldehyde, the consequences are unpredictable, after all, as the health of formaldehyde as the biggest killer,
Why wardrobe want environmental protection, we must choose multi-layer board it Here mainly from the material that the use of multi-layer board are natural wood peeling veneer, which is a very important prerequisite. Contrast with other plates, such as granules, are discarded waste, or discarded flooring, doors and windows, etc. after the break made. From the raw material can be seen on the advantages of multi-layer board.
Multi-layer board in the choice of adhesive above, and has been the use of non-formaldehyde glue production, in the original field of plate, Yimi Kang multi-layer board in order to be able to environmental protection more breakthrough in the use of urea formaldehyde glue, it has been used MDI glue. While other sheet manufacturers use MDI glue, the United States and the United States has developed a soy protein aldehyde glue applied to the multi-layer board body. So the environmental protection of the multilayer board is a necessary condition for the wardrobe.
The second reason for choosing a wardrobe for a multilayer board: physical performance. Multi-layer solid wood clamp force is to withstand the test of the market, and other plates is different, multi-layer board good grip nail force and other physical properties is to ensure that the long-term use of the wardrobe premise. Buy furniture, of course, choose the best cost-effective products.
In the same price, multi-layer wardrobe can use a longer time, better physical performance, of course, choose multi-layer wardrobe.
The third reason to choose a multilayer board for a wardrobe: waterproof. Is it important to say that waterproofing is important? As a furniture, will inevitably have water sprinkled on top, and even individual families will have blisters. For poor water resistance of the plate, once the water contact will cause the plate open plastic deformation, which is a serious impact on the use of furniture. Furniture, unlike other products, you can always disassemble for maintenance, furniture quality problems, replacement and maintenance needs more time-consuming and laborious.
The fourth reason to choose a multilayer board for a wardrobe: easy to process. Multi-layer board is easy to process a lot of furniture factory friends know. Individual friends to promote solid wood furniture may still do not understand, in the current domestic market, the market generally will not have pure solid wood furniture, even if there is not the general people from the consumer. And the imitation of solid wood furniture, the main material using solid wood, or other wood-based panels, such furniture processing cumbersome, late maintenance is difficult, and difficult to ensure the quality of auxiliary wood-based panels, it is easy because some auxiliary materials and lead to the overall material decline. Therefore, the multi-layer board in the environmental protection, physical performance, waterproof performance are taking advantage of the situation, but also easy to process. This multi-layer board is the primary raw material of the wardrobe.
Multi-layer board to do the advantages of a lot of closets, the above can be said that the representative of the four points, other advantages here do not do narrative. Some friends will mention the multi-layer board to do the closet is the advantage, no shortcomings? In fact, some, for example, the price will be more expensive than the average particle board. But these shortcomings in the family health and strong advantage, has been completely unimportant. Health is priceless.

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