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Internal shuffle situation in depth, the furniture industry

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In the furniture market, a "rising sound", the national building materials household prosperity index rose 15.51 percentage points. Analysis of the industry, said the price will be out of a number of end enterprises, and real estate growth than expected down will make the whole category of large customized products to upgrade lower than expected.
Furniture business performance in the first quarter was temporarily affected by industry prices
Although the furniture industry since the Spring Festival began to appear full price increases, but in March the national building materials household climate index (BHI) was 94.48, the chain increased by 15.51 percentage points. Insiders believe that the prosperity index is only the data on the economy, because the price tide to the industry's trading has a huge impact, fear of lagging behind the market data will show this negative impact in the second quarter. The industry believes that the major furniture stores in the promotion of some commodity prices at the same time are also different range of promotional activities, one of the reasons is that they want to digest the price through this part of the part, Rangli to consumers, so that they Can adapt to a more substantial price tide of the industry, and gradually accept the market new pricing.
Furniture industry observers Xie Rui standard that for the more robust furniture business, and will not be too concerned about the industry index and macro market changes, because the furniture industry is huge demand, which is more "just need" part, the most important thing is in accordance with their own Steps continue to develop, "now looks like the industry's big brand is so."
From a number of well-known furniture companies in the first quarter of 2017 report, during which the performance is indeed not affected by the overall industry price increases. Sofia (002572) a quarterly report shows that the company 1 to 3 months to achieve operating income of 954 million yuan, an increase of 48.3%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 77,226,300 yuan, an increase of 46.75%. Qumei home in the first quarter to achieve operating income of 340 million yuan, an increase of 38%; to achieve the mother of net profit of 24.92 million yuan, an increase of 59%; to achieve deductible non-return home net profit of 23.02 million yuan, an increase of 82%. Europe in the first quarter operating income of 1.449 billion yuan, an increase of 20.49%; attributable to listed companies net profit of 5552.10 million, an increase of 33.31%. Good customers 1 to 3 months to achieve operating income of 263 million yuan, an increase of 35.19%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 25.6659 million yuan, an increase of 86.09%.
Forecast 1: The furniture industry benefited from the potential decoration market
According to the data, in recent years, the furniture industry growth stabilized, 2016 above-scale enterprises main business income reached 855.95 billion yuan, an increase of 8.61%, compared with 8.35% in 2015 industry growth rate increased slightly. GF Securities industry analysts use the furniture industry since 2012 year-on-year growth rate and real estate sales area year-on-year growth rate quarterly data regression analysis found that the furniture industry demand by the sales area of ​​commercial housing there is a lag effect, and the furniture industry fluctuations The rate is significantly lower.
Analysts said the 2016 commercial housing sales area increased by 22.46%, taking into account the demand for the lag, can be considered in 2017 furniture industry sales are expected to continue to benefit: "Custom furniture as a furniture industry sub-industry, due to its individualized Demand and large-scale production advantages, in recent years, growth was significantly higher than the overall level of the furniture industry. "It is understood that the custom furniture industry major listed companies (Europe to send home, Sofia, Shang goods, etc.) the average income growth rate of more than 30 % Of the high level, much higher than the furniture industry, major listed companies (a total of 18 listed companies) and furniture manufacturing industry year on year growth.
At this stage, the main source of custom furniture industry is the gradual realization of the finished furniture and handmade furniture replacement. GF Securities industry analyst analysis, said the huge married people for the marriage room decoration to bring continued driving force, coupled with the two children policy liberalization, improved housing demand has increased demand for decoration, in addition, according to ten years Around the old house to renovate the cycle to calculate, from 2005 to 2009 the purchase of housing has entered the renovation market.
Forecast 2: Some end companies will be eliminated
According to analyst forecasts, as more and more enterprises landed in the capital market, the next few years will be defamed within the custom furniture industry. "Furniture industry has ended the 'no worries to sell the product' era, from the 'seller's market' to 'buyer's market'." Xie Rui nominal, the current furniture market is increasingly refined, the mainstream hot spot is custom furniture, high mattress, Furniture, furniture industry more and more tend to design, pay attention to comfort, color diversification, personalized development, with the industry concentration and price increases general trend, some of the end of the enterprise will be eliminated: "because it is in the market There is no right to speak, do not have the qualifications of prices, profits are squeezed, difficult to live space.


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