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Smart home pry hundreds of billions of home market?

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The rise of each species will have its cause. Whether it is big home, whole house custom or nowadays popular shared economy, have a common premise, convenient. The rapid development of the economy, the fast pace of life and work, but the formation of people's inner inertia, for the convenience of one-stop more and more desire. In the inert urging, the Internet + a proposed, they exploded the flowers, all walks of life have implanted the Internet, drainage, visitors, cash, the Quartet come from the supernatural powers. Smart home, that is, in such an environment, came into being.
The concept of smart home out more than two or three years. From a century ago, no less than ten years will be someone to stand out to predict the future of smart home will develop into what, from the automatic household robots to a variety of remote control of home appliances, to now, many years ago the forecast is now almost No one can become a reality.
Why there are still a large number of enterprises, go to follow the smart industry? Intelligent can really leveraging hundreds of millions of home market, the future development of the industry trend?
"Five new" put forward, so smart again swept
At the beginning of this year, electric business godfather Ma first throw the concept of new retail, and then once again throw the "five new" theory, which is undoubtedly a deep water bomb, in the traditional enterprises and Internet companies caused a new wave of shocks.
Ma believes that the Internet has entered the most critical application for 30 years, and the next 3-5 years is the key to the key. The Internet is increasingly becoming the infrastructure for social development. Cloud computing, large data, things will accelerate the arrival of the intelligent world, many industries, the industry will be upgraded and redefined. Redefined "new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology and new energy" (referred to as "five new"), will be on all aspects of society to bring a huge promotion, "five new" will also be a comprehensive and effective "New supply side of the building, promote the Chinese consumer market." Five new for any industry, business and personal are challenges, only the positive face in order to challenge the opportunity into opportunities.
In this five new, intelligent is the most talked about by the market, and the most favored by a capital. Smart home in China's development has been more than a decade of time, during which China's smart home through the concept period, start-up period, the wandering period, the current industry has officially entered the early stages of development. Since the concept of smart home after the popularity of the smart home of the entry dispute can be said, "simply can not stop," smart home so-called "entrance" is also more and more, and the product is varied, dazzling. In the smart home entry dispute, Internet companies, smart hardware companies and traditional home appliance manufacturers, in 2016 continue to "open up the soil, to strengthen their own in the field of intelligent home layout.
Three years ago, the smart home fire over a period of time, mainly the high price of Google acquired Nest caused by the eye economy and Apple Home Kit development platform to the industry specified direction. But after the smart home area rare breakthrough, Nest follow-up performance did not make the industry amazing, this area seems to have been forgotten corner. The fundamental reason for the weakness of the smart home market is the complexity of the scene, that is, the relevant manufacturers trying to use an "entrance" to occupy the "family" approach in many cases so that users are difficult to accept, coupled with the traditional home appliance manufacturers of the inherent interests and standard Differences bring about very high user conversion costs.
The so-called intelligence is not really smart
You look around, whether domestic or foreign smart home, all the technology companies, household appliances manufacturers are involved, but the progress has been unhappy. The main problem may be that consumers do not think they have any use.
Market research firm Gartner launched a network questionnaire in the second half of last year, investigating nearly 10,000 consumers in the US, UK and Australia. These nearly ten thousand respondents need to smart home products, application scenarios and smart appliances to make an assessment, and give 0-100 score.
The results found that even in these developed countries, only about 10% of the respondents bought smart home products, they buy more home surveillance cameras, although the purchase of more than before, but the proportion of only 11%.
Consumers are more willing to buy non-smart home appliances. 75% of the respondents said they are more willing to manually adjust the air conditioning temperature, light brightness, rather than through the mobile app, the network between the electrical to achieve the effect of automation. More than half of the respondents said they are more willing to buy those non-intelligent electrical equipment, do not want to stove even the Internet.
Smart home is still a small number of people are willing to pay for the product
This makes smart home products look like a few people are willing to try the product, novelty rather than practical may be the most important label of these products. Although the families of developed countries began to accept Internet home products, but the focus is that these smart home products can help solve daily work, rather than a bunch of novel equipment and applications.
Another reason to block the mainstream of smart home products is that the price of these products is slightly higher, but the replacement cycle is much longer than the mobile phone, intelligent features are not enough to become an attractive selling point. The current smart home products will lead to more trouble, consumers believe that most smart home will produce a lot of "information of garbage", affecting people's normal life. If the smart home can not be pragmatic, I believe that a few decades later, smart home is still a product without consumers pay. However, by then, the smart home may never enter our lives, has long been from the blue sea into the Dead Sea.
Consumers in the eyes, a glimpse of the future smart home appearance
What is the future smart home? I think everyone will have their own different answers. Some people say that the hope that the future of intelligent home products can be used to control voice recognition, in fact, this is also deeply agree with the small series, the language is the most basic media to disseminate information, it can be said to use the most simple way to manipulate them, lying Sofa gently whisper can control the product, presumably a lot of people dream. In addition, the convenience of colleagues in the family safety is also the most important, so it was also expressed that the hope that the future of the wisdom of the family will not appear any family security risks, especially in the case of the elderly with children, intelligent security Is also crucial.
The future of smart home space in the end what equipment will be used as a terminal to control, it was said that the phone, some people say that the PC, it was also said that TV or other than the fourth screen, for this idea is actually reasonable , We are also very optimistic about the mobile device, because it is more mobile, more convenient, easier to carry, and even can be observed in the way the family situation.
Some respondents also hope that the future of the family only need a smart robot, for all aspects of the family to work for this view Xiaobian questioned, because the smart home is the most critical point is how to achieve integrity, if a single product development , Is not conducive to the overall construction and development of intelligent home should be in every detail to increase the intelligence, so that the overall intelligence can be reflected in the smart home can be called.
Smart home is really hard to drive a huge home market?
It is predicted that the smart home in the future will be a rapid development trend, the global smart home market size is expected to reach nearly 100 billion US dollars in 2017, the annual compound growth rate of about 20%, great potential. While China's smart home industry market size is expected to 2021 will also exceed 290 billion yuan. The face of smart home this blue ocean, more companies choose to grab smart home entrance. Currently the birth of the smart home entrance products, including the robot steward, smart locks, video intercom, camera and so on.
Although the market attractive, cake huge, but from the current situation, the smart home market is still in its infancy. Smart home products, the entry of the dispute is still going on, who can become the last "king", the consumer is undoubtedly the best "referee", let us wait and see, and hope that the real smart home era as soon as possible into the public Of the daily life, so that people enjoy the convenience of science and technology.

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