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What are the characteristics of the new building templates?

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Now the domestic construction template market demand is growing, the new building templates in which to obtain greater economic benefits. This new building template on the basis of steel-based building templates, the use of special materials to make the template surface is very smooth, can reach the international standard of water, cast no need to plaster after processing can be used. The template is fixed around the steel plate, and made into a groove can be inserted, both to extend the life of the template, but also to facilitate the assembly of the template, demolition. Here to introduce the characteristics of the new building templates.
1, long service life Life is three times the old template.
2, low cost Compared with the original old template, the cost per square meter reduced by 35%.
3, strong, strong, high compressive strength. Per square meter of pressure capacity is 2 times the old-fashioned steel template.
4, a pouring molding, no need to plaster processing, improve the construction speed, and save construction costs. The following are the same as the "
5, disassembly, easy installation.

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