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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the E0 blockboa

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We need to pay attention to the home decoration to choose E0 blockboard. Only the correct understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of blockboard, in order to avoid buying poor quality decoration plate. Here to share with you how to choose a healthy and environmentally friendly blockboard method
Method / step
Advantages: uniform specifications, easy processing, easy to deformation, can paste other materials, light weight, easy construction, etc., is the home decoration in the wall, the top decoration and woodworking essential wood products.
Disadvantages: As the upper and lower layers are plywood, the middle of a small piece of wood squeeze the core material, sometimes the middle of the gap, thermal expansion and contraction is easy to open plastic, drum, deformation.
Please note the following when selecting E0 blockboard:
1. To pick the machine puzzle. E0 class blockboard from the production can be divided into hand puzzle and machine puzzle two categories. Hand puzzle is made of artificial wood will be embedded in the mezzanine, this board generally board core wood arrangement missing, large gap, mostly for the waste, the board has convex, with nail difference, not sawing processing. Machine puzzle plate core arrangement evenly and neatly, the surface layer of pressure plate core material closely.
The quality of the puzzle is better than the puzzle. However, due to the embedded material tree species, the degree of fine processing, surface layer tree species, etc., the difference between the machine puzzle is also great. Some large enterprises like the top ten brands of plates - Fuqing plate production of blockboard, dense texture, sandwich tree species holding nail strong, can be used for all kinds of furniture, doors and windows fan frame and other fine wood decoration use. Many small business production machine puzzle board hollow, bonding is not strong, poor quality.
2. Core material is best not selected hardwood. Blockboard core material for the poplar, pine, Paulownia, linden wood and hardwood. Filled with pine trees and other species of nails strong, not easy to deformation; it is best not to choose hardwood, because hard wood is not "eat nails." Blockboard quality difference between the great, in the selection is mainly to detect the tree species and processing density. The middle of the wooden side of the wooden side of the smaller the better, the maximum can not exceed 3 mm, inspection can be saw a section to see. Good quality Fuqing E0 blockboard texture dense, seamless
3. Pay attention to the appearance of the plate. With a pointed mouth device to hit the surface of the plate, if the sound difference is large, it shows that there are empty holes. In addition, but also depends on the surface of the plate is smooth, with or without convex, whether bending deformation. Good plate is double-sided sanding, hand feel very smooth, four sides straight, side of the core board arranged neatly, seamless, no mold and too much tree, both sides of the plywood must have a certain thickness.
4. Pay attention to the moisture content of the plate. The moisture content of the blockboard shall not exceed 12%. High-quality blockboard using machine drying, moisture content can reach the standard, poor quality of large core board often does not meet the standard.
5. Pay attention to the formaldehyde content of the plate. Blockboard is made of plastic composite, the composition of the main component of formaldehyde, its content should be less than 50 mg / kg. Only a small number of brands can be made E0-class blockboard, Fuqing used by the plastic instead of formaldehyde resin to ensure that the formaldehyde content of the plate standards.

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